March 30, 2023
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How to Get an ECOWAS Passport/Travel Certificate

The ECOWAS Passport/Travel Certificate program will help make all of these dreams come true. It is a program developed by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to provide passport and travel document services for citizens who wish to visit other ECOWAS states. The best part: you can get an ECOWAS Passport/Travel Certificate online, which is convenient if you are looking for something like this. If you want more information on how easy it is to get your own ECOWAS Passport/ Travel Certificate, then keep reading

What is an ECOWAS travel certificate?

An ECOWAS travel certificate is an international passport issued by the Economic Community of West African States. This document allows citizens of Nigeria to travel throughout the African continent. The current validity period of an ECOWAS travel certificate is two years, and it can be obtained at any local government office.

Who is eligible for an ECOWAS passport?

In order to be eligible for an ECOWAS passport, you must meet the following requirements:

  • The applicant must be a citizen of an ECOWAS country.
  • You must provide proof of payment.
  • The employer, embassy or company taking responsibility for your immigration must sign the application form.
  • You will need to provide a valid passport that is good for six months after issuance.
  • A letter of acceptance is also required and should include a resume of the applicant’s experience in their field as well as any relevant credentials that prove they are qualified for the position (for example education).
  • You must be registered with or have experience with any professional body.
  • Your LGA of domicile must issue a copy of the ECOWAS Registration Certificate to prove this registration


The validity period for visas issued to applicants from this country*/area of authority is listed below. The number of entries in a given visa category is also listed below. Visa issuance fee, number of entries and validity period are all shown below the category name and can be found on the right side of the table after clicking “Show”.

Requirements to get an ECOWAS travel certificate

In order to get an ECOWAS travel certificate, you must provide a few documents. These include a completed application form, your passport photo, and your Nigerian citizenship verification letter from the Local Government Chairman.

The ECOWAS document uses reliable sources to produce accurate and up-to-date content. The government resources it pulls from are used for developing content and providing it with accuracy and reliability – so you can be sure that all the information here is correct!

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How to get an ECOWAS passport /travel certificate

Unlike the Nigerian international passport, the ECOWAS travel certificate can be gotten at any immigration office in any local government in the Federation. If you are a Nigerian citizen and want to get a travel document, all you have to do is go to an immigration office in a local government with the documents you need.

What you need to do to get an ECOWAS travel certificate

1. The most important thing is to fill out the application form carefully. Fill the form here

2. Add the following papers:

  • Copy of your birth certificate or a statement that you are the right age.
  • Your ID letter from the local government.
  • Your two new passport-sized photos have a clear background and were taken recently.
  • Your guarantor’s form properly signed in front of a commissioner of oaths (please include a copy of the guarantor’s national ID card, driver’s license, or passport data page)
  • A person under 18 should include a letter of permission from their parents and a copy of their ID cards.
  • A woman who is married should show a copy of her marriage certificate.
  • Proof that the application fee of 2,600 Naira was paid.
  • After showing the above-mentioned required documents and signing the form, you will get your ECOWAS travel certificate.

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How to get a replacement

If you have lost your passport or identity card, you will need to go to the Lost or stolen passport or identity card section on the website of the ECOWAS Commission. You can find more information about replacement documents on this page.

You may not always require an emergency replacement document. In some cases, a photocopy of your ID card or passport will be enough.

Conditions to get a replacement

If you have lost your ECOWAS passport or identity card, the first step is to go to the Lost or stolen passport and ID card section on our website to find out what steps to take next. You may not need a new document if your original one is still intact. However, if it has been damaged, lost, or stolen, you will need to apply for a replacement.

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